Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

The zodiac symbols have been around for a very long time. Figures representing the zodiac have been found painted in caves dating back to 6,000 BC. One of the places these drawings have been found is in ancient Mesopotamia. Astrology, born from the zodiac, is one of the oldest forms of art and science ever created – a result of mankind’s endless fascination with the stars. Western and Eastern astrology are a detailed and immense view of planetary alignments and their possible influences in our lives.

Early astrologers, possibly the Greeks, believed that the Sun and other planets that could be seen with the naked eye had powers that could effect a person’s destiny. By studying the zodiac, astrologers believe they can predict human destinies based on what the alignment of the stars tell them. Throughout history, famous and powerful people have had astrologers helping them make decisions. This list includes presidents, royalty and even military leaders. Today, astrology is as popular as ever long after the cultures who created it have vanished.

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The ancient roots of the zodiac give it a solid history similar to the aged beginnings of tattooing, which date back 5,000 years. Using a zodiac sign for a tattoo idea lends thousands of years of history to the equation between the two genres. A person’s main astrological signs and influences do not change throughout a lifetime, so it is possible that a zodiac symbol might be a tattoo choice that would stand the test of time. It is always a strong idea to choose a tattoo concept that you will not outgrow. The zodiac has held relevance for thousands of years and has a track record of standing the test of time.

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Each zodiac sign and planet is accompanied by a symbol that can be worked into a tattoo design, or be a design in itself. There are many symbols to choose from related to the zodiac, making it a prime source of possible tattoo ideas. Ancient symbols that might possibly govern our lives definitely play into the spiritual quality some people look for in a tattoo design.

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A person’s birth sign can be used as the desired symbol or a planet offering a power that is coveted. For example, Venus the bright evening star is attributed to love and can be used to symbolize all types of love while Mars has traditionally represented war and be used as such in a tattoo design.

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