Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Placing a tattoo on the wrist is popular with both men and women. Particularly when it is inked on the inside of the wrist, it is a way to express oneself with body art but not be committed to a full blown image that is always highly visible. Of course, wrist tattoos can be placed on the inner, palm side, on the upper part next to the back of the hand, or encircling the entire wrist.

wrist tattooPhoto by “tinali778″ on Flickr

Much like an armband, a full wrist tattoo is like a permanent bracelet. This does not mean it is necessarily feminine, however. Males often opt for barbed wire, rope, or tribal art bands. Overwhelmingly, women tend to favor writing, either in English or Oriental characters; sometimes a signature.

wrist tattoo ideaPhoto by “KWDesigns” on Flickr

For placement of a single image, men often opt for a portrait of someone important in their lives. Some people choose a bar code, but for others that is too reminiscent of concentration camp tattoos. For either gender, religious symbols are perennial favorites. These can include a dove, a portrayal of Jesus Christ, or a Celtic symbol. Sun, moon, and stars are always popular, as well. Another idea is to create mirror images that combine when the wrists are placed next to each other. For example you could use the first part of a phrase on your left wrist and continue the lettering on your right, or go with a yin symbol on one, yang on the other.

wrist tattoo ideasPhoto by “e skene” on Flickr

Wrist tattoos tend to be small; otherwise they extend further up and are considered an arm tattoo. This area is ideal for classic images such as starts, hearts, oriental symbols and Zodiac signs, but feel free to experiment and find the perfect expression of your personality to use for your wrist tattoo.

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