Urban Tattoo Ideas

Urban tattoo designs are a common theme in tattooing. Tattoos from this genre can depict some aspect of the urban life – usually one of the harder aspects. These tats can be about a particular urban environment such as New York city street life, or an aspect of the street life experienced there such as gangs. Urban tats often include words and are predominantly black and grey.

The city where a person lives or grew up in, can be the basis for a cool urban tattoo idea. These tats can incorporate the name of the city written out in cool lettering. This can be the real name of the city, or a nick name such as; the Big Apple for New York, or City of Angels for L.A. Cities can also be depicted by a structure that is prominent to the city. The statue of liberty and the St Louis arch are examples of this. Large urban lettering and city theme tattoos are often popular as bigger back pieces. Urban tattoos are pretty much as bad ass as the images they depict.

urban-tattooPhoto by “Paolo Piccinini” on Flickr

Other word tattoos chosen in urban tattooing are used to represent urban culture and life. “Player,” “Thug,” “Money” and “Hard Times” are some examples. These words can be lettered in a very cool looking style such as gothic or graffiti style. The words can also be made into anagrams where they can be read both forwards and backwards. Anagrams are a popular tattoo idea in their own right. They were recently made famous with their role in the block buster movie, the Divinchi Code. Words and anagrams tend to look cool across the upper back and lower stomach although they can be made to work almost anywhere.

urban-tattoo-ideaPhoto by “micaeltattoo” on Flickr

Urban images can also be a great tattoo idea. Urban dogs make a popular tattoo image, including tattoos of Pit Bulls, Dobermans and Rottweiler’s to name a few. Urban signs are also a popular design concept such as “High Voltage,” “Radioactive,” “Danger” and “Biohazard”. Street names can also be used to depict legendary areas that are important to the client receiving the tat such as “Broadway” or “52nd Street”. Other images can include guns, bullets, cars, buildings, neighborhoods and graffiti style writing. These urban style tattoos can be made to fit almost anywhere and can be done in color if requested to create a less intense tattoo.

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