Tribal Tattoo Ideas

In recent years, tribal tattoos have really taken off. In fact, it is estimated that nearly one third of all body art today is some form of tribal design. The term tribal art refers to any number of designs emulating aboriginal and Pacific island cultures. This style is characterized by black lines and curving shapes which together form a stylized animal, nature motif, or merely a design which means something deeper to the native artist.

tribal tattooPhoto by “Shannon Archuleta” on Flickr

The first tribal tattoos were more than mere decorations; they portrayed a sign of spiritual belief, honor to a deity, or a designation of familial lineage. In some cultures, identical tattoos were applied on the fingers of a man and woman to serve as a wedding ring. They were applied in a very primitive, and quite painful, manner via sticks, combs, needles made of bone, or styluses and utilized inks made from natural dye sources.

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Many native tribes had tattoos inked all over their bodies, from the top of their head all the way down to their feet. Although they first became popular as an armband, there is no limit today as to where a tribal tattoo may be placed. The biggest consideration is how often you want this body art to be visible.

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The type of tribal tattoo available runs the gamut, as well. Tribal designs are popular in everything from flowers to skulls, animals to crosses, celestial bodies to butterflies. Traditional aboriginal tattoos are usually abstract designs with high aesthetic value but little meaning as far as identifying them as an object found in nature. Often the tribal style is included along with the more usual body artwork such as realistic flowers or heart shapes; this is an excellent way to add color to your tribal tattoo.

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