Spanish Tattoo Ideas

If you are interested in a Spanish theme tattoo there are many great ideas available. There are symbols that reflect Spanish heritage and culture that can be customized to make an awesome Spanish style tattoo. Although Spain does not have a storied history of tattooing, some Spanish speaking areas in South American do. Mayan and Aztec cultures have a history of tattooing and tattooing has become a big part of Mexican culture as well.

Use of the Spanish language is a popular tattoo design choice. This is a great way to express Spanish heritage in a tattoo. Text tattoos are a classic tattoo style that can represent many cultures and concepts. Text tattoos can stand alone, be worked into a larger tattoo or added to an existing tat. With a Spanish text tattoo, custom words can be chosen to represent whatever is meaningful to the client, like a poem, statement or name. Famous Spanish quotes can be used such as; “El amor es la amistad prendida fuego por el fuego”—“Love is friendship set on fire”–.

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One Spanish symbol that makes a great tattoo is the Spanish flag. The Spanish flag is known as a symbol for Spanish Nationalism. The current flag of Spain was derived from an 18th century naval flag. The main colors of the flag are a bright red and yellow, two colors that work well with tattoo art. A medium to large tattoo is best to capture all the details of the flag. With a larger Spanish flag tattoo design, the coat of arms depicted in the flag can also be recreated with detail. The coat of arms can also be used as a separate Spanish tattoo idea as well.

spanish-tattoo-ideasPhoto by “Brittanie Shey” on Flickr

The current version of the Spanish coat of arms is designed with the Spanish Royal Crown placed over a quarter shield. A different aspect of Spain’s heritage is represented in each of the quarters of the shield. Granada is represented by a pomegranate flower. A section of red and yellow stripes represents Aragon. The gold castle represents Castile. Leon is represented by a red or purple lion and golden chains represent Navarre. The Bourbon-Anjou is represented with a triple fleur de lis seen in the center of the crest.

A good tattoo artist can customize the coat of arms to suit your needs or duplicate it as is. The colors can be tattooed true to form, changed or ever rendered into a black and grey tattoo.

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