Religious Tattoo Ideas

Religious tattoos are not limited to Christianity and a depiction of Jesus Christ on the cross. Indeed, many ancient religions and their followers use body art as a way to show their faith and a cosmic connection. Every culture in the world practices some form of religion and their particular beliefs in a higher being and how it relates to our own lives on earth provide abundant material for tattoo designs. It is estimated that 20% of body art contracted in North America is of a religious nature.

regilious tattoo ideaPhoto by “cwalker71″ on Flickr

In ancient history, religious tattoos were more than just decorative. They often helped identify the wearer and his lineage, or provided divine protection during battle. Christians overwhelmingly favor crosses, the image of Christ or angels, doves, and praying hands. In Eastern religions, symbols in nature such as animals, trees and plants, and the sun and moon are often incorporated in tattoos of religious significance. The Maori tribe of New Zealand and the Native American tribes often use nature symbols in their designs, as well.

Crosses in religious tattoos can be as simple or ornate as the wearer desires. The image of Jesus Christ hung on the cross or the depiction of his suffering face as he wears a crown of thorns are very popular designs for modern Christians. For Catholics, praying hands and rosary beads are quite common.

religious tattooPhoto by “Shannon Archuleta” on Flickr

Religious tattoos are ideal for either men or women to show clear evidence of their faith, often used as portrayal of being born again or conquering an evil force. Depending on how regularly you want these symbols to be easily visible, they can be placed anywhere on the body – from the face on down to the toes.

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