Moon Tattoo Ideas

Even before Neil Armstrong made his historic moon walk, people of all cultures have been fascinated by this satellite revolving around the earth. Eastern cultures consider the moon the yin to the sun’s yang. Western astrology deems that it is related an individual’s feelings, and represents our inner child. Just as it controls the ocean’s tides, so it is said to cause changes in a person’s heart and mind. Perhaps that is why there is a correlation between moon phases and criminal activity – and why werewolves are said to howl during the full moon phase.

moon sun tattooPhoto by “micaeltattoo” on Flickr

Many historic peoples around the globe have worshipped the moon. Goddess moon was important to the Egyptians and the Assyrians, Greeks, Chinese and many other cultures all considered the moon to be a deity of some kind. In the West, the Harvest Moon was revered as an indicator of the year’s crop harvest since it would provide enough light to bring in the bounty well into the night. This period is followed by the Hunters Moon, when animals search long and hard at night for prey to sustain them over the winter. Then there is the Blue Moon, which refers to the third of four full moons in a three-month period, a rarity indeed.

All of these concepts we harbor about the moon circling around earth can be easily translated into a tattoo of deep meaning to the wearer. Most often moons are incorporated in a larger design and portrayed as a crescent. Often, beautiful women or animals are shown as riding the moon. In many cases, it is depicted as having a personality and given a face. Some people choose to show the moon in conjunction with the sun to represent the yin and yang of outer space.

moon tattoo ideaPhoto by “IrisDragon” on Flickr

Moon tattoos are appropriate for either a man or a woman can easily be inked onto any area of the body, depending on size. The back of the shoulder is a common location for men; for women, a moon at the center of their lower back is often surrounded by scrolling designs pointing toward each side of the waist. Moons look great both in color, or in black and white.

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