Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

The lower back is a popular place for a tattoo. Most people find there is something very sensual about this area, particularly on a woman’s body. Incidentally, the majority of people who opt for a tattoo only on the lower back (as opposed to all over the back) are females. It is a way to draw attention to a shapely derriere. It can be covered up as necessary or tantalizingly revealed by a pair of hip-hugger jeans. Another advantage to a lower back tattoo is that most people do not gain weight in that exact area, so body art there will not be prone to stretch out or shift position.

lower back tattooPhoto by “Tattoo_Lover” on Flickr

Also referred to as a “tramp stamp”, a tattoo design on the lower back often follows the line of a G-string bikini across the top of the hips. Indeed, the most popular designs are horizontal with an image at the center surrounded on either side by stems with leaves or a line of graphics. Then again, some women opt for inking only one side of their lower back and having the design curve around to the front part of the waist, or having a simple image applied to the middle of the lower back.

lower back tattoo ideaPhoto by “Tattoo_Lover” on Flickr

Because they are usually inked on women, lower back tattoos tend to be the traditional feminine images such as butterflies, hearts, and flowers. Nearly anything with wings, including fairies and birds, are popular. A sun, moon, or stars are perennial favorites as well. If you want something a bit different, consider a personalized tribal design, a snake or other animal with a long body, beautifully colored peacock feathers, or the Harley Davidson winged logo.

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