Friends Tattoo Ideas

Tattooing for some people is a solitary art and it is done alone with deep solo contemplation. For other’s, it is a celebration of togetherness and friendship and is done in collaboration with another individual in one way or another. There is no right or wrong on how you approach your tattoo.

One common approach to receive a tattoo is to get one with a friend or a group of friends. In this case, the choosing of the design and placement can be done together and the actual tattooing experience is shared – you get the work done at the same time or at least on the same day. There are millions of shapes this friendship method takes. Best friends declaring their friendship, sports teams getting a bonding tattoo, soldiers documenting their brother hood, etc., etc.

friends-tattooPhoto by “Evamaria N” on Flickr

With this method there is no rhyme or reason to the design and placement other than what works to symbolize what you seek. Some examples are; three men who went to college together getting a flame tattoo on their ankles to symbolize camaraderie and a shared experience, two brothers getting two totally different tattoos in two totally different body places, but getting it done together for a bonding experience or two surfers getting a surf tattoo together to celebrate their shared passion.

Another way to involve a friend in your tattoo experience is in the choice to honor a deceased friend with a tattoo. This can also apply to family as well. Symbols that were meaningful to the both of you can be used to help build this friend tribute design concept. The dates of ones life, from birth to death, are also another design idea. This is a fantastic way to preserve the memory of a friend forever in a tattoo. It allows the memory of the person to be always with you. These tribute designs can be big or small and can be placed anywhere solo or in conjunction with a bigger piece.

friends-tattoo-ideaPhoto by “mandalynn” on Flickr

In some cases a portrait is chosen to honor a friend. This is an actual portrait of the friend tattooed onto you. Portraits by themselves usually look best on the shoulder blade or calf, but can really be made to work anywhere. A portrait tattoo is a significant way to honor someone you love. Portraits can also be done of animals, who sometimes are our best friends anyway. Animal portraits, like humans ones, look good on shoulder blades and calves but can be made to work in most places. Portraits usually need to be in the larger size to get the realistic details out of our artists.

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