Foot Tattoo Ideas

Foot tattoos are almost exclusively chosen by women. More than likely this is because females tend to wear sandals and strappy shoes more often, and keep their feet well groomed. This is an important consideration when choosing to get body art on your foot – if you are not one to take care of your feet with regular pedicures, then your tattoo will not look its best, either.

foot tattooPhoto by “Shannon Archuleta” on Flickr

Remember that because the skin on the top of the foot is different than elsewhere on the body, the tattoo artist must take care to create an image that will outlast constant regeneration of the skin cells. There is very little fat on the foot, as well, meaning that tattoos inked here tend to hurt more during application. Make sure that the artist you select has experience creating foot tattoos.

foot tattoo ideaPhoto by “Elin B” on Flickr

The majority of designs for foot tattoos are overwhelmingly delicate and feminine. Flowers are by far the favorite, followed closely by butterflies, celestial bodies, and scrolling, abstract designs. Although they can be quite striking created in black ink only, most women opt for a variety of colors. Sometimes the design is continued on up to the calf; other times a simple band around the toe to emulate a ring is preferred.

foot tattoo ideasPhoto by “izatrini_com” on Flickr

Before you decide on the design of your foot tattoo, consider how it will look both at the beach and with a slinky dress and strappy sandals for a night out on the town – it should be appropriate for either. If you live in a very warm climate, your tattoo will show a lot; if you live in a cooler clime, chances are your foot art will be covered up much of the time.

Foot tattoos are quite feminine and they can be a truly beautiful expression of body art.

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