Flower Tattoo Ideas

It is quite common to see a flower tattoo on a woman. Then again, even men often have roses inked on their body, usually in conjunction with another image such as the figure of a loved one. In nature, flowers represent the cycle of life and overall they are a symbol of femininity due to their delicate beauty. They are also said to signify joy, happiness, and love. Eastern cultures are most often associated with the lotus flower while in the West, the rose is iconic. Tributes to deceased loved ones often feature a rose.

flowers tattooPhoto by “Ross Catrow” on Flickr

The colors of flowers mean various things as well. A white flower usually symbolizes religion, purity, and innocence. Red is the hue of passion or could denote the blood of Christ. Blue is the color of sincerity and faithfulness; think ‘true blue’.

flowers tattoo ideasPhoto by “micaeltattoo” on Flickr

Some of the more common flowers you will see realistically portrayed in tattoos are the iris, lotus, rose, daisy, and chrysanthemum. The fleur de lis is a stylized flower that is often used in tattoos with weapons or coats of arms. From simple to elaborate, a single bloom to a whole garden, flower tattoos can be depicted any way you imagine and signify nearly anything you desire.

flower tattoo ideasPhoto by “doggo” on Flickr

Many women opt for a small flower to draw attention to areas such as the neck, ankle, wrist, or shoulder. They can be entwined with a vine to band the upper arm or splay across the small of the back with long stems and leaves. Because flowers can be part of a larger tattoo or simply stand on their own as a symbol of beauty, their use in body art is nearly endless.

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