First Tattoo Ideas

One of the very fundamental things to consider about first tattoo ideas is your motivation behind the desire to have a tattoo on your body. It could be something a person is passionate about and also looking for an avenue to communicate it loudly wherever they go. It could be an attempt to keep the memories of a defining moment in their life ever before them, or it may just be a way of trying to identify with a group the person belongs to.

Irrespective of what the motivation is; you should know that once a tattoo is drawn it is going to become permanent (except you want to go through the painful process of removing it).

first-tattooPhoto by “artindeepkoma” on Flickr

The decision to use any particular body part for this may also be largely dependent on the motivation or reasons for having the tattoo. People who want to make a bold statement about something will want to have the tattoo boldly drawn on a part of their body that can be seen at all times; whereas people who are motivated by reasons that are personal to them often prefer to have the drawings on body parts that are less exposed.

Parts of the body like arms, neck, behind the ear, and head are often used by people who want to express themselves boldly. On the other hand; the chest, abdomen and the back are preferred by people who prefer to keep their tattoos privately.

first-tattoo-ideaPhoto by “Lo & Behold >> Shrie L. Spangler” on Flickr

Another thing which people who are about to have a tattoo for the first time ought to consider carefully is the kind of design they want to use for it. It all still depends on the motivation or reasons behind the expression. There are various signs and designs that are used to depict different things. Tribal associations and other groups have their tattoo identities, and designs which they use in identifying themselves. One must have a symbol or words which they desire to use in communicating or expressing themselves.

first-tattoo-armPhoto by “Jonners” on Flickr

People who are thinking of first tattoo ideas should also consider carefully the artist they intend to use for this. Some of the basic fundamental questions to ask yourself should include if the artist has the requisite skills to help create a particular image you want and the hygiene condition of the shop. One should also be concerned to find out if the procedures used by the artist are clean and sterile. It is important as this may affect your health significantly.

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