Fire Tattoo Ideas

The four elements; fire, water, air and earth are all great tattoo ideas that have been involved with tattooing from the beginning. The four elements are the building blocks of life on planet earth and pack a big symbolic punch! In today’s modern age it is easy to take the discovery of fire as a tool, for granted. For many ancient cultures survival depended on the flames of fire for cooking, warmth and light at night. Fire was also a weapon yielded by many cultures through out history. Fire holds great meaning and power in both in the physical and spiritual realms.

Spiritually speaking, fire has many religious meanings and relationships. In Christianity fire can represent the Holy Ghost. In the story of the Phoenix Rising, hope triumphs over doubt as the Phoenix rises out of the ashes, in its own flames to win salvation.

fire-tattooPhoto by “tlongacre” on Flickr

In Buddhism and Hinduism, fire can be the purifying force of that can burn away karma or suffering on the way to freedom and completion. In the ancient Vedas, fire was the messenger between humans and their Gods. Suffice to say, fire has some pretty heavy symbolism. It is seen somewhere represented in all religions.

fire-tattoo-ideaPhoto by “Mez Love” on Flickr

In a lighter and perhaps cooler note, fire has also been used for many years to represent; coolness, outlaws, bikers, and general sexiness with bad ass flame tattoos. In the old school theme, flames were simple, blunt and black and white. They were a part of the original outlaw biker image. Today, fire tattoos are more main stream with tattoos like tribal flame tattoos becoming popular. The color and shading of today has taken flame tattooing to the moon and back. It is absolutely amazing what can be done with flames these days.

Flames or fire tattoos are generally made in conjunction with another design concept like; a flaming heart, a flaming guitar, or any flaming image. It is rare to have a tattoo solely as a flame design. Flames are also used in big pieces to fill space or link different design aspect in sleeves and larger back pieces. Flame and fire tattoo are completely versatile. They can go anywhere, be any colors you want and be a part of any existing tattoo or future tattoo design. They always look cool and can also be made to look masculine or feminine making fire tattooing suitable for both genders as well.

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