Fairy Tattoo Ideas

Fairy tattoos are nearly as popular as butterflies with women. It is a representation of fate, and the unpredictably of life, which can bring either tremendous gifts or disappointment. Fairies as body art show a belief in destiny and a desire to let the fairy show the way towards what is waiting for us in life. They can merely mean that the wearer is feminine, or symbolize the freedom to fly. Then again, because the fairy is a fantasy figure, it could simply denote a person’s whimsical side.

fairy tattooPhoto by “cwalker71″ on Flickr

Often fairies are depicted as rather impish characters, much like Disney’s Tinkerbelle, but some women choose a sad expression to represent a disappointment. Most often fairies are inked in a wide palette of colors and feature great detail in the wings. They can also be pictured within a backdrop of elaborate vines, leaves, and flowers. Fairies have shown up in some tattoos perched atop a crescent of moon, plying a wand, or holding a heart. Sometimes the features of a fairy are interposed on another figure, such as a sexy vamp, warrior princess, or cartoon character.

fairy tattoo ideaPhoto by “danielle_blue” on Flickr

Because they are easily depicted in a variety of sizes, fairy tattoos are great for nearly any part of the body. Many women choose to place a fairy on their ankle, back of the neck, or other small and delicate area. For a more dramatic effect, a large fairy with outspread wings can grace any part of the back, or go down an arm or leg. Placement truly depends on individual preference and whether or not you want it to show at all times.

fairy tattoo ideasPhoto by “Tattoo_Lover” on Flickr

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