Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Eagles have long been an American icon and a popular subject for a variety of different tattoo designs. The eagle itself can be the largest part of the tattoo, or you can opt to include an eagle on other objects, such as the blade of a sword, or within a landscape background. Very often eagles are included with an American flag or holding something in their talons. Paired with a snake, the tattoo becomes a representation of harmony, or part of the Mexican flag, when the eagle is perched atop a cactus.

eagle tattooPhoto by “dionhinchcliffe” on Flickr

Do you prefer a realistic eagle or a stylized one? There are some very striking eagles created as tribal art, with thick black lines shaped into a representation of the bird. Often eagles are inked in a variety of colors, but they can be just as eye-catching in black and white, particularly done in the tribal or Egyptian art style.

Some people prefer to focus on just part of the eagle. An eagle’s face is a common tattoo, particularly on the upper arm. Then again, others prefer the eagle’s enormous wing span across the top of their back and shoulders. Most often eagles are large pieces of art, but they can be minimized for inking on nearly any part of the body.

eagle tattoo ideaPhoto by “stefanpreis” on Flickr

Eagles tend to be a very popular tattoo for those who have been in the service and motorcycle riders. Because it symbolizes freedom, these magnificent birds are a natural for those who like to fly, fight for their country, or ride an iron horse. Those who like to show off their patriotic pride often choose the iconic bald eagle for body art, too.

eagle tattoo ideasPhoto by “Tattoo_Lover” on Flickr

When you want something truly magnificent to showcase your patriotism or love of freedom, you cannot go wrong with an eagle tattoo.

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