Cover Up Tattoos

With the best will and planning in the world, you may one day find yourself no longer wanting that carefully thought out tattoo. Obviously, if you woke up after a night of heavy drinking and found the ink had appeared out of nowhere, the odds of a falling-out are even greater.

But, is there an option for you? Beyond expensive, inconvenient removal surgery, or simply wearing baggy jumpers for the rest of your life? Fortunately, cover up tattooing exists as a viable option for taking an unwanted tattoo and making it bearable again.

Alas, for those who want to be left without a trace, it will not be enough. But if the idea of replacing your unwanted tattoo with another catches your interest, perhaps you ought to read on?

cover up tattoos

The Premise

Fundamentally, the idea is to conceal an unwanted tattoo by having a new one inked over the top of it. This could entail simply covering the old entirely with the new, or somehow incorporating the previous tattoo into a new design. Although its most common use is to cover unwanted tattoos, the same techniques can also be used to revitalise existing, faded ones, by giving them a fresh outline or some new colouring.

A lot of the process in arranging a cover up tattoo will be the same as any other, but when looking for the best artist for the job, do so with a particular eye for previous experience in cover up work. Any who claim to have worked in this area should have portfolio shots of previous examples, including before and after pictures. If you know anyone who has a cover up tattoo, ask for feedback on their artist.

The Process

In the end, this will result in you getting another tattoo that you’ll have to live with. So, put no less thought into the design; in fact, it may warrant greater consideration. Your artist may be able to offer some suggestions, but it’s best to bring some of your own as well. Be aware that cover ups of cover ups are rarely ever possible, so this one truly is forever.

There are limitations with cover up tattoos, for example your new tattoo will need to be bigger than the existing design. The new one may also need to feature very dark colours in order to make sure the unwanted ink is obscured.

Due to the potential colours or complexity involved, your cover up tattoo may take considerable time, or require multiple sittings. Your artist will be able to advise you about the cost and practicalities of your particular design.

The Proof

Once your cover up is complete, you can relax, hopefully inked with a tattoo you can finally settle down with. This may not be a perfect process, but at least it gives the regretfully tattooed that most elusive of things: a second chance.

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