Christian Tattoo Ideas

There are a lot of Christian tattoo ideas being used today by people most of whom are Christians. It is a way a number of them use in identifying with their religion. One of the most common ideas employed nowadays to do this is the use of various symbols associated with Christianity. The most common of such symbols is the cross. It is considered as a sign of redemption and it can be drawn on any part of the body where it will be conspicuous for anybody to see. The cross is drawn nowadays in various forms and designs. Some of them have the image of Jesus nailed on it.

christian-tattooPhoto by “Tattoo_Lover” on Flickr

Another common tattoo idea used by Christians is the writing of certain scripture readings on their body. These are usually short scripture phrases that the person maybe very passionate about. It may also be scriptures that have blessed the person in tangible ways. Most people write these out in beautiful calligraphic lettering styles on parts of their body that maybe exposed in order to make it conspicuous as much as possible for other people to see. Some people may just write one phrase of scripture, other people may tend to write different scriptures on different parts of their body.

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Some other Christian tattoo ideas that people may find useful may also be the use of memorable dates in their Christian life. It could be dates which a person may have become born again by surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ and asking Him to become their personal lord and saviour. It may be their baptism date, or the date which somebody they loved and respected so much in their Christian life may have died. Such dates are normally written somewhere on their body most times with a phrase to describe what it means to them or what the date is all about.

christian-cross-tattooPhoto by “Josh Parrish” on Flickr

Messages and slogans are other good ideas that can be used for a Christian tattoo. Messages can be short phrases communicating a particular action you desire people to do. For instance, messages like this can be good and reasonable to use: ‘Love one another’ or ‘God loves you’ and ‘Jesus is coming soon’. All of these are good messages that people can easily write on their forearms, arms, and other body parts where people can see such messages easily. Other things like slogans of a particular Christian group one may belong to will also make a wonderful Christian tattoo idea.

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