Chest Tattoo Ideas

Chest tattoos can be located anywhere from the breastbones down to the waist. This gives a tattoo artist a large canvas to work with and a myriad of design options for the wearer. Men are more likely to opt for a full chest of body art while women tend to desire smaller designs that draw attention to the breasts. Some males, especially Japanese – whose culture tends to frown on highly visible body art – have designs inked on both pectorals leaving the space in between bare, so that unbuttoned shirts do not reveal the tattoo.

chest tattooPhoto by “(((o.kvlt)))” on Flickr

Just as other areas of the body, tribal designs and Oriental art are overwhelmingly popular for the chest, especially for men. The Maori often extend their swirling, scrolling artwork from the face, down the neck, and onto the chest. Because males often go shirtless, their tattoos tend to be very eye-catching, with broad, sweeping images and a lot of color. Some men like to turn their chests into a representation of their favorite action hero, reptile scales, or a patriotic tribute with American flag or eagle with large wingspan.

chest tattoo ideaPhoto by “Jake Sutton” on Flickr

Women usually opt for a small image, such as a heart, flower, or butterfly peeking out of their cleavage. Many pieces of female clothing are low cut, so unless you want it to be very visible in a variety of outfits, select the location of chest tattoos with care. A floral collar might look quite striking, but it will be hard to cover up.

chest tattoo ideasPhoto by “eyeliam” on Flickr

Do be aware that the collar bones are more sensitive to the tattoo needle than other parts of the chest. The more muscle and fat that covers an area of the chest, the less likely it is to hurt during application.

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