Celebrity Tattoo Ideas

Let’s face it; most of us are fascinated with celebrities. We idolize them, and we want to be like them. One way you can feel a bit closer to your favorite celebrity is to copy his or her tattoos.

Many famous people get body art. Some go a bit more overboard than others. On many of most popular female celebrities, a small, strategically placed tattoo is a way to make their looks more memorable.

For others, such as Amy Winehouse and Jessica Alba with a gigantic snake slithering down her torso, tattoos that are an expression of personality are liberally sprinkled all over their bodies.

celebrity tattoo

Many famous women are unafraid to show their unusual body art. Victoria Beckham sports a very ladylike line of oriental writing that starts on her neck and travels down her back. Angelina Jolie is a fan of text, too, both in English and other languages. Alyssa Milano sports several, including a rosary on her shoulder and a coiled rope on her wrist.

oprah winfrey tattoo

Not to be outdone, the males of the celebrity world enjoy their tattoos, too. From Mike Tyson with his facial tribal tat to Josh Hartnett’s crown along the side of his neck, famous men everywhere express their personality with permanent ink. Jamie Foxx has a large amount of tribal designs up and down his arms.

Not only can you copy celebrity tattoos, you can get their mugs on your body. Really obsessed fans have put Will Farrell, Jack Black, Oprah Winfrey and even PeeWee Herman and Judge Judy on their arms. Just be sure you truly want to look at that face the rest of your life before deciding to go this route.

If you want to feel like a celebrity, or merely pay homage to your favorite, consider a tattoo that emulates their face.

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