Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas

The rationale for behind the ear tattoo ideas can be quite varied. Some people may just want to use that location because it is not exposed or conspicuous enough for people to see what is written or drawn there. On the other hand, there is a way such drawings or writings can be done such that it will be exposed enough for people to see. The kinds of hairstyle and clothing that people have or wear will also contribute greatly in making this location to be hidden or exposed. Irrespective of the implications of this location, it is widely considered a good place to use especially for people who want to be conserved with their tattoos.

Because of the unique nature of this part of the body and the kind of surface area it has, not every type of design or motif will be able to suit nicely within the available area. Hence, the symbols and drawings used for this location are preferred to be small. Small size motifs, symbols and designs fit nicely within the space at this location.

behind the year tattoo ideaPhoto by “Uncle Arlo’s A Plus Tattoos” on Flickr

Some of the commonly used symbols here include stars, prints of cat paws, cross or crucifix and small insects like butterfly, ants. Hearts symbol also constitute a widely used symbol and the colors of the heart are used to different the kind of emotions being expressed with behind the ear tattoo ideas.

There are several words or texts that are also used in expressing or communicating a person’s motivation with a tattoo. The words are generally few and with small font sizes used in writing them. Often times colors are used to ensure the designs are beautiful especially when calligraphic lettering is being used.

tattoo-behind-the-yearPhoto by “a_real_horrorshow_devotchka” on Flickr

The words could be a means of expressing different emotions, communicating certain messages, or carrying particular identities. Some people tend to use both ears for this while others use only one ear. The use of the right or left ear can be an issue for some people whereas for other people any of the ears will do just fine.

ear-tattooPhoto by “Samuel Stocker” on Flickr

Symbols or designs of favourite hobbies can also be expressed with behind the ear tattoo ideas. Quite a number of people who are fans of a particular sport or game may look for a good symbol to depict this and draw it on the back of their ears. It can be the name of a favourite basketball club or an equipment of a favourite game small enough to fit in nicely behind the ear.

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