Back Tattoo Ideas

The back is second only to the arms as the preferred location for a tattoo. This is because it is such a large canvas, ripe for receiving very detailed and widespread designs. Back tattoos can cover the entire area, be limited to the shoulder blades, upper back, or the lower waist. These days it is very popular for women to get a tattoo that just peeks out over the waistband of low-rise pants – the so-called tramp stamp, but certainly there are no limits to location. Most often men opt for a full back design.

back tattooPhoto by “allspice1″ on Flickr

Tribal and Oriental art designs are quite popular on the back for both men and women. Japanese florals that start at one shoulder and wrap around to the opposite side of the waist are quite striking on the female body. Many women opt for a set of angel wings that extend from their shoulder blades down to the waist. For men, dragons, warriors, bat wings, and memorials to a loved one are often the preferred designs. Animals are always popular with both genders.

back tattoo ideaPhoto by “Tattoo_Lover” on Flickr

The back is a great place to ink a truly unusual piece of body art. It can easily be covered up, as necessary, so the sky is the limit. Consider some unique designs like a spray of peacock feathers, a rare animal, or a landscape scene complete with day or night sky, plants and trees, and perhaps a water feature. If you are a fan of a particular person or character the back is an appropriate place to put their portrait. The only limits for a back tattoo are your creativity and the skill of the tattoo artist.

back tattoo ideasPhoto by “Lishmay” on Flickr

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