Aztec Tattoo Ideas

The ancient Aztec Indians were well known for their innovation and advanced methods of time keeping. In addition to their great contributions to society, the Aztecs were also very artistic people. They enjoyed both geometric and nature-inspired designs, both of which are great options for a tattoo.

Birds and feathers were featured quite frequently in Aztec art. Not only did these Indians create fanciful thunderbirds, but their ceremonial clothing and headwear often included giant wings.

aztec tatooPhoto by “yourmamma” on Flickr

If you are seeking a realistic Aztec design for your body art, consider an ancient shaman dressed in tribal finery or sitting on a throne. This type requires a lot of fine detail. A circular calendar design looks great across the back or other large space. You could use one of the designs featured on pottery or in jewelry and simplify them for an arm band; this type of tattoo is easier and quicker to apply. The top border of an Aztec-inspired blanket would also look quite striking to band a bicep or ankle. Mythological figures are another option.

aztec tattoo ideaPhoto by “mytat_2s” on Flickr

Aztec design tattoos would look great inked in plain black and white. If you opt for a figure, person, or bird, consider using a good mix of primary colors to exemplify the natural dyes that the ancient Mexican Indians would have used. Gold was nearly always incorporated into their ceremonial and decorative items and makes a tattoo really pop out against the skin.

aztec tattoo ideasPhoto by “mytat_2s” on Flickr

Aztec tattoos can run the gamut from realistic to stylized. Which one you pick depends on how much detail — and time spent in the chair — you want.

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