Angel Tattoo Ideas

Even if you are, at times, a bit of devil, it doesn’t hurt to invoke the power of angels. Whether you consider them messengers of God or guardians of earthly inhabitants, angels are a potent symbol of goodness and grace, protection and power. For many people, the symbol of the angel is very personal. It could denote their Christianity or perhaps remind them of a time when they were rescued, or brought back, from a serious injury or ailment.

angel tattooPhoto by “me and the sysop” on Flickr

As body art, angels can be depicted in many different ways. Some people associate cherubs, with their chubby bodies, golden curls, and child-like faces as an idealistic type of angel. For a more realistic take on angels, consider the statues that abound in cemeteries and rife in architectural details of old buildings. These are usually modeled after real people with the addition of wings and long, flowing hair. Another option is to focus on one particular aspect of an angel — usually the wings — and stylize it. This type of tattoo could be a simplified design and need not even include a body; it would look quite striking spanning the shoulder blades. Then again, a cartoon-like angel with halo shows the more whimsical side of a personality.

angel tattoo ideaPhoto by Mari & Nacho on Flickr

No matter the type of angel tattoo, the coloring should be light, with the exception of a cartoon character. Think in terms of calming blues, light browns, and gray shading. Angels depicted as Renaissance figures could include a few more hues, such as greens and golds. The amount of detail will largely depend upon the design. If your tattoo focuses mainly on the wings, the artist should use techniques to accurately depict the aspects of real feathers.

angel tattoo ideasPhoto by “istolethetv” on Flickr

These days who couldn’t use the extra protection of an angel permanently etched onto their body?

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